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Borika Hotel starstarstarstar

53 V. Gadzhurov Str., Chepelare, Smolyan, 4850, Bulgaria
Tel: (++359 0309) 57500; 57501, Fax: (++359 0309) 57528
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Appropriate for bikes,Appropriate for children,Appropriate for families,Appropriate for motorbikes,Buss groups,Courier services,Homosexual persons allowed,Hotel taxi,Ironing,Laundry,Office services,Room-service,Seminars/ conference services,Short-stay possibilities,Snowing information,Underwear laundry,Wake-up call

Baby bed,Baby bed if ordered,Discount for children,Playground for children,Zoo place for children

Indoor swimming pool,Mountain guides,Ski wardrobe,Sports instructors,Warmed pool

Additional bed,Air-conditioner,Bath,Bathroom facilities,Beautiful view,Beds with no foot-board,Double beds,Double sofa,Everyday cleaning,Hair-drier,Living room furniture,Mini-bar,Room for families,Satellite television ,Separate beds,Shower-bath,Single bed,Sofa,Telephone,Terrace,Towel,TV set in the room,Wardrobe,WC and bathroom in one,Writing table

Additional bed,Air-conditioner,Bath,Bathroom,Bathroom facilities,Beautiful view,Beds with no foot-board,Combined living room/bedroom,Everyday cleaning,Hair-drier,Living room furniture,Mini-bar,Part of common terrace,Satellite television,Separate bedroom,Separate bedrooms (2 or more),Separate beds,Separate living room/bedroom,Single bed,Telephone,Terrace,Towel,Towels,TV set,WC and bathroom in one,Writing table

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Possibilities for nutrition

Block-table breakfast,Block-table dinners,Breakfast board,Breakfast with service opportunities,Continental breakfast,Deserts block-table,Full board,Half board,International cuisine,Local cuisine,Menu in different languages,Nutrition hall,Possibility to choose a menu

Food and entertainment places

Bar,Bar with dance area,Companyi??s and family holidays,Discotheque,Lobby bar,Restaurant,Restaurant with smokers and nonsmokers area

Business, congress and seminar events

Conference hall,Internet,Package services,Seminars/ conference services

Health, beauty, SPA, balneology

Aromatherapy,Fitness,Massage,Ordered massage,Sauna

Hotel facilities

Elevator,Garden,Garden with grill,Internet in the hotel,Living room with TV,Park zone,Satellite television,Sea/ mountain-view balcony,Separate yard,Sunny balcony,Tavern for grill,Telephone,TV set in the hotel
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